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Lands of taourirt - Eastern Morocco

Lands of taourirt - eastern Morocco

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Located at the west of Oujda city with a very natural contrasting relief, vast plains irrigated by valleys of Oued Mouloueya and the Za river, the mountains of Beni Snassen, and the edge of the highlands at south Horst. This territory is rich of olive cultivation, almond, aromatic and medicinal plants.

Erected on one of the largest cities of Morocco, the ancient city of Za in the Moulouya Valley, in the 12th century the city was named Taourirt by the arrival of Merinids. The territory where this city is, still has the same name  Za as before as well as
its river (river Za).

Later called Qasba Moulay Ismail, in honor of the Sultan, the city was crucial in the defense of Cherifian kingdom.


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