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Valley of Wadi Bouregreg (Morocco)

Photo mouth between Rabat and Sale.

It is a Moroccan Bouregreg river, 240 km long,  its source is from the Middle Atlas at an altitude of 1627 meters.

It has two main sources are Jbel Mtourzgane (Khémisset region) and the tributary, the river flowing between Grou Aguelmous and khenifra.

Human existence on the river valley dates back to the 6th century BC, with the construction of Chellah by the Phoenicians followed by Carthaginians. Then the Romans who founded a port on the river estuary, which will be taken over by Saletins after the collapse of the former. Thereafter it was economically important before becoming the seat of privateers who fought Britains and Portuguese.

The Almoravids were set on the left bank of the river to a small fortress against the threatening of tribes Bouraghouata and the Almohads, they rebuilt it and made it a great military site, the Kasbah of Oudayas.


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