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Excursion Tioute / Taroudant

Departure: 8am
Return: 17h 30

Taroudant is one of the oldest cities in Morocco, which lies 86 km east of Agadir, surrounded by two mountain faces, the High Atlas to the north and the east of the Anti-Atlas.

Once in a mini bus or a car, a 86 km to go. the road is beautiful, argan trees decorated with claiming goats allows you to live a new experience of joyness,  orange trees all the way.

On the arrival of Taroudant also called "the small Marrakesh", certainly for its great walls and bubbling moped famous merchants, pedestrians, the craft bazaar located in the alleys of the city, a medium in time walk (about 2 hours) to fully experience the charm of the city.

You will astonished by the beauty of the streets, there is something that comes upon each time, the color of the long veils worn by the women, indigo blue, this blue reminds me of caravans of nomads who wore blue chech indigo who took this road long ago transporting marchandise from Essaouira international port to Tanbokto and middle Africa.

After visiting the city of Taroudant, you may want to take a tour in the beautiful oisis the {Tioute}, situated herein 30 km from Taroudant, a village in red ocher houses with beautiful scenery, a ride on the back of donkey is the best way to discover the palm grove, the lemon chicken lunch, couscous at the Kasbah.

You are welcome and I am really enjoyed my time guiding some fans to there, it was an extraordinary trip.


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