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Majorelle Garden The jewel glow of Marrakech

Montreal 13/12/10- A Canadian journalist seems fail to resist the charm of the imperial city Marrakesh and the "wonderful garden Majorelle" she describes it as "a mystical place with plants from all five continents " "And as to stay in Marrakesh, we'll have a look at the wonderful Majorelle garden, luxurious jewel of the city, with its almost mystical place plants from five continents, including 400 varieties of palm trees and 1800 varieties of cacti, eleven pools, chiseled kiosks Moorish...etc

"Odile Tremblay wrote in an article entitled" Caftans, Cinema and Garden, "published by the newspaper" Le Devoir "in its weekend edition. "We entered Majorelle by the street  newly renamed Yves Saint Laurent. cinders of giant's fashion  lie between banana and bamboo, in a memorial monument, topped by a Roman column, '"says the author who made the trip to the Red City to attend the tenth edition Festival International du Film de Marrakech (Marrakech International Film Festival). "The garden opens onto a small museum with the exhibition Yves Saint Laurent and Morocco. We see dresses inspired from the outfits of the country, some already Admired in 2008 at the exhibition Yves Saint Laurent Museum of Fine Arts Montreal, "says Canadian journalist.

"Caftans, djellabas, buntings are reinvested by the couturier, with wonderful colors of Morocco: saffron, ocher, plum, ruby, turquoise, etc..,transfigured on fabrics by a touch of genius, "she added,stating that "the most touching part of this exhibition consists of manuscripts of an album of Peter Berger's that he and Saint Laurent had with Marrakech and the country. " "Written words are mixed with photos, drawings of the designer, while snakes and arabesques (...)", continues the author.

Returning to the Festival of Marrakech, the author believes that "the press is in Marrakech  for film stars, who march every night on the red carpet " referring to "the international competition of feature films, good degree, composed of many earlier films."

"Funniest then that  festival of Marrakech, which celebrates this year its ten years. Stars on the fly: Scorsese, Coppola, John Malkovich, Harvey Keitel, Charlotte Rampling, Catherine Deneuve, Keenu Reeves the Dardenne brothers and all the elite of cinema, "writes the journalist.


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