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French retirees flee to Morocco during the winter

Many French retired elders escape toward Morocco during the winter because of low temperature, today 40 thousand retired French heads to Morocco with the onset of winter as revealed by the French channel TF1. As reported by French television channel, it showed a number of French retirees who choose Morocco, at least during the winter to flee the cold weather. Most of them perceive that Morocco is the best destination because they could not stand the extreme cold in their country. The report also cited that the favorite Moroccan city for French retirees is Agadir.

 This TF1 report coincides with the latest report published by the French newspaper "Express" , classifying Morocco at the top destinations for retired French thanks to its stability, other factors such as geographical proximity and the language. Whereas French citizens do not find any difficulty in communicating with the Moroccans also the living in Morocco is cheaper 10 times than in France.


According to the last source, more than 20 thousand French retirees prefer to settle at Morocco, and visiting their country on occasions, Morocco beats so a lot of the countries that were considered until recently, "Paradise of French retirees ", including Tunisia and the islands of Mauritius Portugal.

 In general, the French official opinion announced that Morocco is the tenth destination chosen by the citizens, including the non-retired especially for settling and business.


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