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Tafraout city - Morocco

Tafraout, the slight jewel of the mountains in the Moroccan Anti Atlas, a city in a vast oasis surrounded by granite area, with a pink granite flamings on sunsets.

the history of the city remains largely in mystery due to the lack of reliable sources.

the story begins with the ancient human settlement dating from the late Neolithic, and it shows through the petroglyphs located throughout the site and that goes back eight thousand years.

Later this region was the area where persecutezen old Jewish of East were  settled during the 11th century BC and established the oldest Jewish Kingdom of Morocco "TPU Shaw Donsor.".

governance of the area did not last long and it is the Amazigh who took control.

the descendants of the ancient Jews continued to live in the area and they become masters at work and traders of silver metal and beyond until the early 20th century, thereafter, Tafraout region has become a trading hub between north and south and east Tafraout, it played a commercial mediator role in times of conflicts between tribes, this took place after the emergence of a commercial city "Tamdault", the
most important of the time that has developed as a result of close collaboration jazouliyne Amazigh, Arab and idrissides the ancient Jews.


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