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Ifrane : White paradise on earth

Ifrane City, this season, lives under a mercy of snow, covered various natural ecological sites.Since more than a week disappeared completely under a snowy enchanting carpet due to precipitation of snow dense reached, last Thursday, 54 centimeters. In this land of magic color bet whiteness.

The dark green forest of green oak and conifers makes up the components of  Ifrane's green house system, its landmarks barely fade and worn a snowy bright and charming cover, and the redness brick  of homes, administrative facilities, residences, camps and tourist spaces of entertainment adopted a new clean blank color.

This snow precipitation, which dedicated a beautiful garment to this city, reminds the habitants of this Moroccan city the earlier days of cold weather and soft rain. Secondly, The winter in the areas of the Middle Atlas perceives this joyfulness after years of the same old memories. Asserts locals and visitors, these snowfalls dense are "exceptional snowfall not seen in the region for a long ago".

This snow painted  dramatic scenes are reflected in various natural and urban areas, weaving a dramatic fabric along the foot of high mountains, especially in the city center.  It changed its features, disappearing the main streets shrink the pathways to the size of a car. Consequently drivers and passengers are very careful not to slip in the middle of snow piles, because these passages are the only ones for cars, passengers...etc

The roadsides were filled with huge piles of snow, in intervals, it is swept by snow throwers, which scoops the snow accumulations to give a new beautiful image and the snowy passages regains its unique beauty. This  enchants the lovers in the mid of an Atlantic season .

The leisure facilities are sank in a deep white snow, especially the cafes terraces, Most of customers who prefer to sit outside and enjoy the magical views of the city center, are gone; only smoke ascent from houses and residences and  tourist' camps emit here and there  an aesthetic prominent which smell the  authentic scent of wood burning .

There is no doubt that such a wonderful scenic sights will not attract, at the end of this week, many visitors and allow them to enjoy the magnificence and charm of the place. Such views and weather will make Ifrane, in the next few days, the point of all types of tourism par excellence, especially family tourism. Moreover, it is an opportunity for cafe and recreational spaces owners, hotel and tourism units  to expand their business and please their clients.

It is really a city with breathtaking views, it has many tourist attraction sites, lodges, camps and interesting infrastructures. This meets to the requirements of local and international tourism, because all its about 60 tourist sites are a naturally recommended and a big water resources (Ein vital, Rass Elma, Khadem, Arabi and Nakra... ) and lakes (Daya Awa, Hachlaf and Ifrah ...) and large forests (Khrzzouzah, Aisha Embarak and Toumliline ...), as well as many breathtaking views that we may not find elsewhere such as Yto and Tizi Oghmari, in addition to these, sites of natural archeological rocks and caves such as Tysawit, Butagharwin and Mount Bnaj ...

The availability of several classified accommodation such as hotels, guest houses, lodges and camps, boasts the Ifrane city economy. Ifrane in height range  between 1,600 and 2,000 meters, characterized by a mild climate and damp areas. These qualities makes it a hot destination to practice a variety of sports as skiing , hunting, fishing and athletics especially at Michleven and Habre.


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