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Oualidia - Morocco : A fabulous surfing site

The stunning weather along the  year, an 8 km of deserted beaches, OUALIDIA is a jewel of the Morocco. Famous for its oyster  and seafood, this touristic place is a wonderful one. It is very recommended for sea sports especially surfing and kite surf .

Surf-land, the first of Moroccan surf schools, it was founded in 1991 by sir Laurent Miramon, a native and accomplished man of the sea. He chooses to settle at Oualidia because of its bays offers ideal conditions for learning and practice the  surfing activity: waves are filtered through a natural paths, then diminishing the size and power before  shuttering on the sand. This characteristics  allows a fascinating introduction, and secure with confidence of success and daily practice, whatever the size of the stuff. These exceptional qualities  allow acquiring skills from an early age.

The unbearable Oualidia welcomes it visitors to live in a favorable climate and a convenient location, midway between Casablanca (170 km) and Marrakech (180 km).


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