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A trip from Agadir to the beach of Legzira

Departure: 8am
Arrival: 19h 30

Located in the south of Agadir and 150 km north of Sidi Ifni Morocco, the most amazing beach. Its banks are immense arches created by nature, edifice structures of rock and red earth carved by the sea.

The Leghzira, rock beach is one of authentic natural sites of Morocco, tremendous nature. I think this beauty really deserves a visit, especially it is a calm site near a desert, smells sand, ocean scent and away from the crowd of the city.

From Agadir at 08 h in the morning, heading south towards Legzira beach, 150 km to ride (of course with lots of breaks, Massa National Park, beaches along the way as well as Aglou Mirleft ..)

Once arrived at the beach, you will have your full time to enjoy the views of water and sun, almighty apparent horizon for the eyes to discover. I am sure you will fall in love with the beauty of where a Russian singer who decided to film his video clip.

The interesting part is you will taste the local food, at the oceanfront, The grilled fish - the most and delicious.

You may want to watch the beauty of the sea in the sunset. in the late afternoon you will pass by the city of Tiznit and the dam Yusuf ibn Tashfin ..

Arrival at 20h


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